Is anybody out there?

Am beginning to feel a tiny bit famous! A review of “Goodness, Grace and Me” and an interview with the author (moi!) is on the ‘BestChickLit’ website this morning. Do have a look. Have spent the morning blogging, tweeting, facebooking and generally selling myself stupid. Talk about selling one’s soul to the devil- this is selling body and soul and anything else to hand to that great viral space out there! Am itching to get on with the next chapter of the sequel to “Goodness, Grace and Me” (haven’t quite come up with a title yet) but need to do the marketing bit first. So, if anyone is reading this, give us a shout will you just so I know I’m not talking to myself?!! (Actually quite used to it really especially when teaching the ‘chunking’ method of division to a class of ten year old boys and/or when asking /telling /threatening /sobbing like a mad woman at my own kids to tidy their bedrooms!

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